Mr. RickyG
Mr. RickyG

Goody Music Entertainment Group Presents Mr. Ricky G

Oakland California – Singer, songwriter and producer Mr. Ricky G Introduces the world to a new Smooth Heartfelt Rhythm and Praise sound that not only speaks to your spirit but also to your soul. Mr. Ricky G is on a journey to encourage those who are dealing with everyday life ups and downs by letting the world know that God is in control and all we have to do is just trust him and hold on. With his new Single "I'm Saved" due to release in 2015, Mr. Ricky G is letting God use him to take a message of Hope and Love to all generations though out the nations.

Get ready world, because God's Messenger "Mr. RickyG has a song to sing and a story to tell, that will have you hoping again."

Download the new single "I'm Saved" today:

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