PRAY is a producer, singer, rapper, song writer and native of Toledo, Ohio by way of Milan, Tennessee now residing in California. He is a new gospel artist with a story to tell. His style of music is new to the gospel scene, with an eclectic mix of R&B and hip-hop to make the smooth gospel sound that he calls GOoDy music (Music that make you feel good in the things of Christ and Life).

Pray takes you on a journey though life from the streets to the pulpit with a wide range of testimonies. PRAY relates to listeners from every walk of life, no matter age, gender or race he has something that will touch your heart and give you hope. His style of writing is so detailed, that it captivates you; allowing you to visualize each song as if you were watching a movie.

The PRAY project has been mixed, baked, anointed and now it is ready to be served to the world!

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